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Data Internetworking Fundamentals
Number of Credits: 5.00
Course No: NET-0041
Level: Intermediate
Price: $ 100
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Final exam:Data Internetworking Fundamentals 17


Data Internetworking Fundamentals is a training course that will describe how data is transmitted between networks, called internetworking. This course will define an internetwork and the protocols that are used to pass data between different networks. This course will define and describe the difference between local area networks and wide area networks. This course will also describe the difference between data networking using bridges, switches and routers. Finally, this course will describe network management principles.

  • Course No.: NET-0041
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Course Price: Included in a CEC subscription or purchase the course individually for $100.00

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  • BICSI CECs: 5.0 for all BICSI credentials
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